Micro-SLA®, Low-Cost Professional 3D Printer

Quickly and economically print small, detailed parts for casting, prototyping and end-use parts.
The affordable ProJet® 1200 3D printer from 3D Systems puts the high precision and exceptionally fine feature detail of a professional 3D printer right on your desktop. Parts made on the ProJet 1200 are castable, so it is ideal for dental wax-ups, jewelry and other castings, and the durable, stiff parts are also great for plastic prototypes.

Featuring fast print times, the ProJet 1200 is a workhorse when short cycle times are crucial. Convenient all-in-one material cartridges make it easy to replenish materials, and network-based printing means your whole team can easily access the printer.


3D printing for your 1200 projects

ProJet 1200 delivers fast, ultra hi-res prints for your biggest dreams and smallest projects. It has pro capabilities with prints ready for metal casting and product development. But, if you just want to have fun, it will take you well beyond your hobbyist expectations.

Perfect detail makes perfect prints

Create small, precise, detail-rich prototype parts, and casting patterns for your jewelry designs, figurines, and parts. Print in the size of 1.69 x 1.06 x 5.9” and in ultra high resolution 30 micron print layers.


Print faster than baking a cake

Faster than baking a cake, this desktop professional printer is fast for high-volume use, economical to own, safe to operate anywhere, and simple to use.

Pro printing without the pro work

Sustainable and safe all-in-one material cartridges make it hassle and waste free as prints are cured inside the printer. Excess material is reused for later prints.


Smaller than a coffee machine, fit for your workshop or office

The ProJet 1200 fits nicely amongst your smallest tools and gadgets. As a network-based printer, you can print from inside your home to outside in your garage or workshop, or the whole team can easily access the printer in the office.

Integrate your printer for a seamless work/life flow

Powered by 3DSystems’ Geomagic print software, ProJet 1200 designs can be prepped easily and quickly for any of our printers.