The Duplicator 5 is our newest printer and we’re mighty proud to introduce a machine with such a remarkable build capacity! Unique in size and speed, the Duplicator 5 is sure to be the revolutionary printer to challenge overpriced industrial offerings. For 2014 Wanhao has stayed true to the niche market of Desktop Hybrids and has created a borderline industrial machine with a desktop’s price tag. Boasting a build envelope of 305mm x 205mm x 605mm (12″ L x 8″ W x 23.8″ H) this printer will easily find it’s place in the workshops of professional model builders, architects, and your average serial prototyper.

“Fluid” is the best way to describe the new round dial controller and expanded LCD UI. Coupled together these two features make maneuvering the printer’s menu extremely smooth. The Duplicator 5 has received several upgrades on the mechanics front with a larger (16mm) Z-Axis threaded rod allowing for sturdier vertical movement in addition to simplified gantry mounts. Wanhao’s new (and patented) Anti-Jam Queen extruder is a 3mm filament dedicated pitbull and will fly through a print with precision material layering (thanks partly to a built-in cooling system designed to minimize warping and improve extrusion layering). On the electronics side the Duplicator 5 comes with a new single-piece microcontroller board, new passive cooling components on the stepper motors (to provide safe operation of speeds in excess of 300mm/s), and the long-outstanding endstops and cable components found on previous offerings.

Beautiful…that’s ultimately the adjective that comes to mind when glancing at the machine the first, second, and even for the tenth time. The new Rock XV Steel ExoFrame provides a rigid and professional look that is definitely up to the task of competing with any of the other big volume 3D printers on the market. The Duplicator 5 is currently only available in Blue.

However, the most significant update for the Duplicator line is our introduction of the Wanhao Maker software. It’s reminiscent of some of the simpler yet more expensive third-party software packages on the market. Check out the pics section for some screenshots. Installation of the software is easy and straightforward and from software download to build commencement takes less than 15 minutes.

This model is recommended for Prototypers, Architects, and Engineers.


  • Printer ships with 1 Filament Roll (ABS or PLA)
  • Extruder: New! Anti-Jam Queen Single Extruder
  • Filament Size: 3mm Dedicated
  • Layer Resolution Capability: 0.02mm (20 microns)
  • Printing Speed: 300mm/s
  • Build Envelope: 305mm x 205mm x 605mm
  • Filament Capabilities: ABS, PLA, and PVA (Confirmed)
  • Software: Wanhao Maker
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Frame Color: Rock XV Steel ExoFrame